my favorite online crafter emily graciously shared the pattern for this doll with Martha Stewart last winter.  i saw the rerun yesterday and had to try my hand at making one. 

she is made from cotton and felt… and machine sewed my yours truly.  i don’t sew.  not usually.  and i fought tooth and nail with the machine to get her to look like this.  but i am so happy with how she turned out!  i love love love her.  i think all the teeny girls in my life are getting one for christmas this year!

but it’s a secret… so don’t tell anyone, K??

in other chez sparrow news: we are getting ready to start the school year… which means buying curriculum, setting work schedules around school and other activities, and preparing for sixth grade.  i can’t believe it.  bella… a middle schooler.  she is growing up so fast.  we are using alpha omega lifepacs for our core learning but a new friend is showing me the notebook system for spelling and writing so we may incorporate that into the year too.  on top of the normal “book learning” bella is also taking violin lessons with a private teacher and hoping to join the girls choral academy here in grand rapids.  she loves to sing, and we are hoping that this program will not only train her voice but help her grow in self confidence and leadership abilities.  we are excited… it is going to be a great year!


~ by Erin on 29 August, 2008.

One Response to “meet.coraline…”

  1. I love your Coraline doll! I’m a big sucker for cloth dolls. Great job!

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