oh my!  oh, and did i mention the yarn booths?? and the fleeces??


my mom and i went to the fiber festival!  it has been about ten years since i remember going as a little kid. i enjoyed myself then, but oh, now that i am a knitter, i loved it! we saw some friends, we made some new friends, we spent waay too much on roving and needle felting supplies, and bought yarn from a little group of spinners that we can purchase from at the lys ten minutes from chez sparrow.  but it was all worth it. my mom and i got to know one another better.  that’s something we haven’t had much time to work on lately. and i learned that i am a knitter not a spinner… i just don’t have the patience.  

while i like the feel of roving, and enjoy the process of watching a fleece be carded and handled and spun and all that, i don’t have the patience to make it happen.  i like taking the finished product, the yarn itself, and twisting and manipulating it with my pretty needles until it is something i can use and wear.  i purchased this awesome super bulky/thin from yarn hollow (their studio is located in the greater grand rapids, mi area). i am using this pattern and….  this yarn to make a scarf.

it is turning out soft and fluffy and scrumptious.  i can’t wait to wear it.

i also learned to needle felt.  i had heard a bunch about how you do this activity, but i hadn’t tried it myself yet.  i think i am hooked.  here’s the pile of roving they had at the demonstration to choose from… 

me and my mom felting…

and finally, the angel bookmark i made.

i have tried to felt some since last weekend, but nothing relatively creative has happened.  i did manage to make one really fun 3d flower, but that is about it.  bella keeps saying, “mom, just go with it… be creative!” but that doesn’t really happen… sigh. maybe soon… 

oh, there were so many things to see:  

there were yummy silks to dream of knitting with… 

more funny haired alpaca (or is that a llama?? and how do you actually tell the difference??)…

and stitch markers to bring home… 

it was awesome.  my mom got some yarn for a scarf to go with a project she is sewing and some roving to spin on her drop spindle.  we spent more than we should have, walked forever, and came home exhausted… but happy!


~ by Erin on 23 August, 2008.

2 Responses to “llamas.alpaca.and.sheepies…”

  1. Sounds fun! I miss your mom, by the way…

  2. What a fun festival! Pictures of llamas always make me smile – too cute!

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