i have wanted to knit lace socks for as long as i have been knitting.  lace is right up there with cables as one of my favorite types of knitting, but i have been afraid of the effort and patience it takes to actually make it.


this, however, is my new favorite lace pattern.  (btw, you can find the pattern [search “diamond lace socks”] at ravelry as a free download that is nicer than the web link i posted here… but i know some people aren’t on rav yet… so i am trying to be bipartisan with my posting.)  



as for socks… i swore i would never make a traditional top down heel flap pair again after yarn harlot’s “pattern” in her first book nearly killed me.  i am enjoying these tho.  i am knitting on size two needles using fingering weight panda silk (see ball band in photo).  the cast on edge is a little tight, but i don’t care.  i will wrestle them on just to wear pretty socks that fit!  maybe knowing that the lace pattern has worked well so far (even if my picot edge is a little crooked!) is keeping me going.  maybe it is wanting to knit this particular yarn so badly.  or maybe it is that i need a challenge deep enough to keep my mind off the other shit going on in my life right now… one way or the other, i LOVE these socks!!




~ by Erin on 9 August, 2008.

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