as simple as in mr. rogers neighborhood.  lady aberlin sweetly telling daniel tiger that all will be well no matter what he’s done.  mr. mcfeeley bringing the post speedy delivery.  king friday ordering his subjects around from his castle by the trolley tracks.  lady elaine pouting from her merry go round.  


i am really tired today.  the sun is shining and i just feel sad.  there is no baby in my belly and suddenly i am missing being pregnant so badly that all i want to do is cry.  i am trying to be strong.  i am trying to not worry and fret.  i am trying to have peace.  but i don’t know how… today, i just want to watch mr. rogers all day.  and feel…. 






~ by Erin on 22 July, 2008.

One Response to “if.only.life.were…”

  1. My heart is with you. I loved Mr. Roger’s too. So calming and sweet. You’ll be OK.

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