so what better time to post knitting??  i have nothing to say.  it’s too hot.  so i will show off my pretties instead!

these are my “i don’t know what to knit but i have to cast on something” stand by. tell me, who hasn’t made a ballband dishcloth?


this came from here. i love her patterns. she is so creative it makes me sick to think about it. and with two young ones underfoot! i don’t begin to imagine that i know how she finds the time to knit, much less design!


a sock. and yes, i did overcome sss and make the second one. but then it became summer so i have only worn them once… *sigh*


i love this blog. these knitted toys always come out like the pattern. (at least this one did!) and she is sooo good at making them look anime without copying amigurumi. my husband complained one night that you don’t see the grass nearly enough in michigan, and so, i present to you: Grass!



and finally, the “little secret” i posted about over at “k1p1” but never updated about… little mary janes from saartje knits. these were a dream to make, and they fit the recipient beautifully. (no they were not for me. not yet anyway… we are still waiting for that dream to come true!)



and that, my friends is the end of show and tell for now. in fact, that is the end of the finished objects i have right now! but i have cast on for these… so i will show and tell them when i get somewhere slightly substantial.

blessings, and happy knitting!


~ by Erin on 17 July, 2008.

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