my silje friend came all the way from norway to see us!  and she brought her andreas boyfriend with her!!! and right, ok, she didn’t just come from oslo to see us, but we were one of the reasons she came.  

silje and i were pretty close the year she was an exchange student at my high school.  

me, nate, silje and the kid from brazil who’s name we can’t remember…

before the sweetheart dance, junior year, 1995.


me, julia, silje, judith, and liza seeing judith off at the airport, 1995.

we watched movies, went to the mall, wore one another’s clothes… she introduced me to techno, doc martin boots, and the art of wearing a scarf.  we talked religion, boys, and books.  but then she went home to oslo and i stayed behind. she has been back to the states one time since she went back.  on that visit, my bella mae was still in a pram!  we sat at the local diner and force fed her french fries so we could talk “adult” stuff.


this visit, we talked about old times, got up to speed about where our lives have gone since we saw one another last, laughed about photos we took together years ago, and smiled for new photos.  we shared our lives with one another once again.  and it reminded me that a few miles (or a thousand) can’t keep a good friendship down… it was good to sit on the porch and pick up right where we left off ten years ago.  we discovered that we are still very much alike: artistic, strong, loving women.  i feel blessed to know her… and with a little luck, it won’t be another ten years before we see one another again!


~ by Erin on 13 July, 2008.

2 Responses to “old.friends”

  1. What fun! I can’t get back to California, so I treasure those rare occasions when people from my past visit me. Don’t you think there’s a sense of reassurance about such visits?

  2. i do… i think it is a grounding feeling to know that you have been friends with someone that long, and that distance hasn’t affected your feelings of love for one another!

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