it was indeed a happy christmas at our house.  it was a year full of love,  not just “presents”, and that made it extra special for me.  i am pleased to say that the shopping finally got done and we were finally able to relax with family… a wacky time was had by all.

and now, true to tradition, i thought i would post some of the gifts and moments i was most thankful for this year.    

my best friend came home for christmas… all the way from honduras!

miss bella got a sewing machine…
the cat got a box…
amante got eric clapton’s “crossroads” blues festival on dvd…
and finally, knitting books…
and a beautiful afghan were my favorite gifts this year!
i hope you all were surrounded by as much love as i was this holiday season.  i send my love and hugs to all of you who read with me…




~ by Erin on 26 December, 2007.

4 Responses to “happy.christmas”

  1. sparrow!
    i’m glad you had a good Christmas! yea for hand-made stuff and smiles and happy times 🙂 and yea for Feist! 🙂

  2. yea!! did you do anything special for the holidays?

  3. Hey…
    Just saw the updated blog – fancy!

    Bella got a sewing machine!?! I didn’t know she had an interest in sewing. One day, when I have a slightly bigger place (aka a spot to put it), I may have to get one of those…

  4. this is the silly part: my mom was given the machine, which is no big deal, but the thing had no cords or pedal… so she can’t even use it!! heck, it’s not even here cause my mom was going to get a pedal immediately but hasn’t… crazy!

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