is all i am doing these days.

i have to finish a pair of gloves for a friend at church and a cat toy for angus so he will stop destroying my couches all before christmas.  i took the “handmade pledge” this year, and i am doing my best to give and request handmade items, but so far i am not doing the best… i think it comes down to taking the pledge too late to plan for it.  i hereby ask the gods of handmade objects for forgiveness.  i promise to do better next year!!  

oh… and i got a new washer and dryer… woo hoo for not paying for laundry in quarters anymore!!  

happy christmas if i don’t find time to post till then!!  

p.s.  if you want to see some finished knitting follow the link:  k2.p2  


~ by Erin on 19 December, 2007.

4 Responses to “knit.knit.knit…”

  1. yea, knitting! i’m still “working” (i haven’t touched it in at least a month) on a scarf i started in france. oops. sad – i tried crocheting . . . didn’t like it as much as knitting. i should give it a chance. i need a new blog . . .

  2. i hate crochet, but not crocheters! i much prefer the two needle stuff of knitting… i have missed you! yes! you! need! a! blog!!!

    happy christmas!!

  3. interesting — my friend ( did the same thing. she knits a ton.
    I just do it occasionally as an enjoyable/relaxing thing, rather than a habit/hobby. though I kind of wish I did it more.

  4. callmelyd:
    i read failli all the time! that’s where i found you… stop by again, k? happy christmas!!

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