especially when she sends you free stuff!!

last week i logged on to her website to enter to win a vacuum cleaner.

ours is great, but who can turn down a new one, right? while i was there, i entered the other “giveaways” that were going on at the time.  i figured “what can it hurt?”

well, today on the porch, when i went out to beat my kitchen rug, was a package… it had arrived.

no, not a vacuum…


my very own copy of the original christmas classics on dvd!  it is all the favorites from when i was a kid!  frosty, rudolph, santa… all there!

looks like it’s a merry christmas to me, from rachael herself kind of day!


~ by Erin on 29 November, 2007.

3 Responses to “rachael.ray.rocks…”

  1. HA! Well Merry Christmas!

  2. you too!

  3. hi sparrow! i’m back in the blogosphere! i’ve got broadband at home now! thanks for the tip on rachael ray. i signed up and registered for stuff. 🙂

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