it happened.i finally cracked under the pressure of all that we have been dealing with the past two weeks.  i am mad for no reason, at a person i love, and now i am mad at myself for it.  i haven’t slept a decent nights sleep in two weeks.  the kitchen is still vomiting boxes because i haven’t had time or energy to unpack them (not to mention that all the dishes have to be washed by hand due to a lack of dishwasher and i can’t reach past the first shelf in any cabinet).  my “washer and dryer” are nonexistent because we haven’t had time to go get them, and i have 6 loads of wash piling up.  my bedroom looks exactly the same as it did on monday a week ago when we dumped the boxes and passed out from the exhaustion of moving.  ARRRGHHHHHGHGHHHH!i am trying so hard to let it all roll off my back like water off a duck.  i want so desperately to have the faith that my friend rilla in honduras has.  things aren’t that bad, but i am weary with making the best of things… i want some normal.  did i mention that the mac won’t let me make new paragraphs on any of my blogs?  and that amante said that he would look at it with me after dinner last night but he didn’t?  i am sooo frustrated!


~ by Erin on 20 November, 2007.

3 Responses to “finally.cracked”

  1. It will be ok, it will. There are so many days when it feels like nothing is working. But it will be ok.

  2. thanks… i needed that!

    ps… i have a new blog…! check it out when you get a minute. all the stuff i have knit in the last month are on there!

  3. I figured you did, even though we had that discussion a few days previous… I know I would need to hear it again! lol

    Will do. How much have you accomplished?

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