we are four weeks into our school year, and things are finally settling into a routine.  i had to call in the big guns… my father in law is a former teacher and principal, and we had a meeting with him after week two because i was ready to throw in the towel.  he reminded me that bella and i have very different learning styles and that was our primary fight.  since talking with him, i have relaxed our school times a lot…  she now does schoolwork on the couch, in her room, on the floor… where ever she wants as long as the work stays neat and well thought out.  i also feel that i am still battling the public school attitude that said “do your work as fast as possible so that we can move on to the next thing”.  getting her to take her time is a constant battle.  we are doing it tho, and she is becoming more relaxed and more creative by the day.

in other news, i have started babysitting on fridays for a little boy whose mom works for my mom.  he is 20 months old and a firecracker.  he keeps me on my toes!  i have also started knitting.  so far i have stitched about 3,000 stitches and ripped most of them out, but i started a scarf last night, and i hope to finish it soon.  there is a cool shop in town for yarn and needle work, and i am getting to know some people there, hopefully it will be an outlet for me like amante’s music is for him… and a place for mommy to get some “me” time.

just a note:  i only have computer access about once a week… so the posts will be fewer and further between for a while.  we have no access at home since we got the new computer.  hopefully we can get good access soon, and that will mean posts when i think of them instead of when i have a computer…  thanks for hanging in there with me!


~ by Erin on 13 October, 2007.

2 Responses to “four.weeks.done”

  1. hey 2 thumbs up for homeschooling and 1 more thumb up 🙂 for sticking in there.

  2. thanx ben.. what’s new?

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