staying.put (updated)

we have decided to stay put for now.  the house hunting has slowed to a crawl and amante will be getting a raise within the month… so it just made sense.  the roaches are still really bad.  and the neighbors upstairs are incredibly loud.  but God is teaching me some really great things about patience, so i guess that is a bonus. 

other than that not much is new.  i am in the homestretch with the babysitting job i have been doing all summer.  as much as i love miss butterfly, this has been a hard summer for all of us.  i will be glad when these last four weeks are over. 

for the first time in forever, i am looking forward to the start of the school year!  bella and i have our curriculum all chosen!  we are both geeked to get started.  in the mean time, i am in the process of adapting the story of joseph from genesis 37-45 for a vbs thing happening with my church.  God is reiterating that writing is still something i have in me… it is more a matter of waiting on Him for the words instead of squeezing them out of me for the sake of “writing”…


8:15 am (thursday)
16 august

last night, when amante tried to put the cover back on the grill (the $250 dollar grill that we were given for a wedding present and can not afford to have stolen… the grill that i uncovered last week to show my mom… the grill that was covered in roaches and we were hoping exposure to the air would help…) and was showered, yes, showered in cockroaches.  thirty to forty roaches by rough estimate. 

you see, they never really left our house.  we have killed two roaches a morning since the middle of june… and that is only in the morning.  they are in the bathrooms, bella’s room, the kitchen, and now the very expensive grill.  disgusting. 

what does that mean in terms of an update?  it means the battle we thought we had at least found a truce in is back on.  and this time, we are taking no prisoners.  we are also moving.  as soon as possible.   


~ by Erin on 8 August, 2007.

4 Responses to “staying.put (updated)”

  1. Glad you got one less thing on your mind.

  2. thanks… but the peace was short lived. did you see the update?

  3. Found a place yet? 😛

  4. no. can we move in with you? we are really quiet. i promise.

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