who hasn’t noticed that the new harry potter will be released on friday at midnite?  because unless you live in a hole (and i am sure they are very nice holes… so no offense intended!)  our local bookstore is having a party, not the only one around the country, to be sure, and we are going.  i mean come on… (to quote bella) it’s the last book!  why not celebrate?  so these are the pictures of ginny that we are using to make bella look as much like her as possible.  red hair (courtesy of herbal essances wash out dye), striped shirt, wand, robe and all.  to be honest, after the week i have had, i wish i could skip the whole thing…

the things we do for our kids, right?

ginny weasly with tom riddles diary


bella’s fav pic from the chamber of secrets movie



~ by Erin on 19 July, 2007.

4 Responses to “ginny.weasley”

  1. 🙂 indeed. Hope it was fun. I was thinking te same about paintballing tonight with some coworkers, but it turned out to be a blast and I am glad I went. later.

  2. yeah, we had a great time! i was hoping to post some photos of the event, but probably not… we busted the lcd on our camera, so i don’t think to use it! give a shout out if you want pics… and i will try to remember to do that!

  3. PICS!

  4. ok… ok… but you have to wait till weds… look for a new post around the middle of the week. have you read the books? the ending is wonderful… definately a must read!!

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