the site… well, i am working on changing some things. bear with me. rik, from standard catastrophes helped me figure out how to make those cool


so i am looking for a format that supports the ones i like… woo hoo for formatting!


there… tell me what you think!  i went back to the original format i was using way back in january, and i really like it!  i am really getting the hang of it.

on a completely unrelated note:  we have nasty, disgusting, awful, icky black mold growing in our bathroom and the complex won’t do anything but spray killz on it and hope we don’g complain.  according to two other tenants, people i consider friends, they have had the same problem.  i am livid! we need a new place to live.  SOON.  if you are prayer bent readers, pray that we can get this situation resolved.   ASAP!!!


~ by Erin on 28 June, 2007.

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