wooohooo! i’m off to the big rig show in muskegon mi with amante for two days.  he is running live sound for a bunch of bands and asked me to go.

i love the big rigs!  this is going to be sooo much fun!

june 23… 1:14 am

the show went well.  there was a major mess with the mixer on the first day but my amazing amante fixed it!  there was also an issue with the scheduler because he booked two bands and no one even stayed for one, so the good band didn’t get to play to a full house and then the second nite they didn’t even get to play at all.  which kind of sucked for me because i wanted to hear them… but they still got paid, so that was a bonus! oh. and the food sucked.  truely.  so today i packed my own. 

other than that it was a typical backline gig.  load in, sit at the sound board, talk to the drunk people, go home, come back the next morning, sit at the sound board, eat pop tarts you brought from home, tour the semi trucks, sit at the sound board, complain about the shitty band, be glad that only one band is playing and you get to go home sooner, load out.  which brings me to onstage services, sitting at amante’s desk writing this.

it’s a dream compared to the factory! 


~ by Erin on 22 June, 2007.

7 Responses to “ (updated)”

  1. Yay! for big rigs? FYI I emailed the girl and told her I think i want to take the room in the house…I think it is my best choice right now. I love you.

  2. do it! do it! i am really happy for you and i totally support that decision… call me soon… love, me!

  3. Big rigs, eh? I guess I’m outside of that social circle! 😉 lol Glad you all had fun!

  4. trust me… it is not our social circle either. but the bands could have been worse and we made a pretty chunk of change for two days work, so that makes it all worth it!

  5. and hey, who can ever complain about being paid the same to do less work?

  6. you got it rik!

  7. So big rigs give big gigs? 😀 Yeah, I know it was bad, but that’s what I get for being around Beth & Brian as much as I am.

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