the day has finally arrived. 

after months of prayer, waiting, and a lengthy process that could have been even longer, bella will become amante’s daughter tomorrow.

the final hearing is at 3 pm.  i am excited beyond words.  i am speechless. 

it was one thing that her bio dad relinquished his rights to her.  i still had a trepidation in my heart that something would stand in our way.  and even now, in my excitement, i don’t know that i will be able to fully process the miracle that has taken place in her life until i have the completed documents in my hand. 

i somehow need it to be official to believe. 


~ by Erin on 18 June, 2007.

7 Responses to “a.thing.accomplished”

  1. Congratualtions to all of you. Give my best to all.

  2. I am so incredibly happy and proud!!! You and Amante did it!! Bella is finally legally and officially and forever amante’s daughter. I so happy…I send my love. I will talk to you soon I swear.

  3. yay!

  4. Whoo hoo! (There’s really not much more to say – hugs and dancing for joy would be more appropriate, but harder to share online.)

    Give everyone my love!

  5. will do!

  6. So happy for you all!

  7. thanks mari! wish you could come celebrate with us! we miss you guys!! tell petite to call me sometime, k?

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