today i had my first “top-down-girls-only” jeep ride. complete with sunscreen, white tee shirt and i-tunes. kae and i abandoned the kids (we left them with her husband, no worries) and attacked the world all on our own. it was awesome to see the guys look… and the girls look… it was just what i needed to relieve my “slumped” feeling… if only for a minute.


~ by Erin on 11 June, 2007.

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  1. Whoohoo! Mari’s been lovin’ all of this “sunroof weather”. He hates taking my car places on days like this. I don’t see why his sunroof makes so much more of a difference. I have 4 windows to roll down, he only has two. Doesn’t that equalize things? 😉

  2. it was really awesome. made me feel like such less of a mole! as for the windows, i am a sunroof open, windows open radio on mega super duper loud rider myself… so i can see mari’s point. two windows and a sunroof win… hands down. sorry babe.

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