we got the notice of final adoption this week!  that means that everything is pretty official.  as of june nineteenth, bella will be a degraw!!

sorry about the distance between posts… things have been really busy, and our computer is down.  no, scratch that.  the computer is up, working, but won’t connect to the internet… so that means that i don’t check this or the other blogs i love as frequently.  with amante’s new job, we are hoping to get a new computer soon, and maybe even faster internet, but it is not an option right now… so, i will catch you when i catch you… 


~ by Erin on 18 May, 2007.

7 Responses to “it’”

  1. WHOO HOO!! What’cha gonna do to celebrate? 😀

  2. wait till the court date (just to be sure) then party like it’s 1999!

    no, really, we have a woman at church who has offered her home to have an open house once it is all said and done. our parents, and some close family friends will be in court with us, and then an openhouse later… you can come if you want!

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful for your family. How excited Bella must be!!! Internet connections seem to have a mind of their own – glad yours is working for the moment so you could share your great news.

  4. thanks grandma nancy… let’s hear it for library internet, eh? she is really really excited… in fact, we all are. it has been a long time coming!

  5. Hey, you know I’d love to…but $$ is sooo tight. 😦 Why is it we are so often limited by things that really are insignificant??

  6. i know!! amante and i had that same conversation last nite!!

  7. Oh! Speaking of money…check out my blog! 😀

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