i have a cold.  and i am grouchy…   because the medicine that was supposed to keep me awake and make me feel better is making me drowsy, and bella wants to go on a bike ride. 

at least we are only two days away from the end of our school year.  that’s good news.


~ by Erin on 2 May, 2007.

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  1. HI, I’m JB Rowell’s mother in law and live in Michigan also – May I ask whereabouts. We are in Western MI, near GR. Hoe your cold improves. I’m with you the non drowsy stuff still makes me sleepy. Feel better soon.

  2. thanks for the comment madam! it is great to meet a fellow michigander!! we live in kentwood, just south of GR. my parents moved to the area right near calvin college when i was 9 and then moved to kentwood when i was 11. they have lived in the same house for 20 years, but my husband and i live several blocks south of them in a small apartment complex… not our favorite, but it is fine for now!

    my cold is better… thanks for thinking of me! shea is beautiful… have you met him yet? stop by again!!!

  3. We are about as close to being neighbors as you can get – we live just north of Lowell in Vergennes twp. Moved here almost 4 years ago when we became empty nesters and my husband was offered a job in the area. NO one has ever called me madam, before. I really feel old. Tee! Hee! Haven’t met Shea yet – hope to in July when the whole family is meeting in CA for Julia’s husband’s younger brother’s wedding celebration. You mentioned school being over in 2 days – attending college/grad school? Glad your cold is better. I’ll stop by again, take care. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

  4. My turn to be embarrassed – after reading about you homeschooling – sorry. Happy summer.

  5. thanks!! the coincedences keep getting deeper! when my parents moved to gr when i was young, we moved from lowell… we lived out off of grand river avenue over by jimmy’s grill! that is soo cool!!

    don’t feel embarrased, i recently shortened the number of posts per page… so the homeschooling thing was a little hard to comeby. yes, we are home learners, and we love it!! summer is a good thing! do stop by again… and aren’t you just loving the sunshine??!

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