so, amante lost his job on wednesday.  it is a mixed blessing, in the truest sense of the phrase.  we have been feeling like we were in a time of preparation for a “next step” in our lives together for a while now, and all the signs seem to point to this being the thing that frees us to better obey.  we have a reasonable saftey net under us financially, and i already have a job lined up for this summer which will help greatly.  and it is the little things: having the money we need for the month’s rent, me working alone unexpectedly today and amante staying to help so we made an extra $25.00, a live show tonight that goes with a demo that amante will be doing in May…. and while it is not about money, it is about provision, and about being in the palm of His hand in faith and trust.

there is something big coming.  i don’t know what it is yet, but i know that we are supposed to be open to it, and that is the hardest part!


on friday the 27th, just after i wrote the above, amante made one phone call and got a new job.  it is hard to explain what he will be doing, and it is only an “on call” thing right now, but suffice to say that god is good, and our bills are being paid, and we are in the music industry where we have felt for a long time we were ment to be!!!  thanks for the prayers… more soon!!!


~ by Erin on 27 April, 2007.

3 Responses to “new.horizons”

  1. Crazy!! But good to know that a peace is with you all. 😀 Can’t wait to hear more. Love you!

  2. thanks!! i don’t know whether i am loving it or hating it! but, we have groceries for this week… and that is what really matters!!!

  3. Hey that is awesome news! God has been providing over here too.

    Hey sorry I’ve been away so long been very very busy. God bless.

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