there is so much snow today that the roads are worse than they were in january.  amante has decided that we are moving to orlando, florida.  tomorrow.  we know it is a long trip, and we will miss you all, but at least it will be warm.

in other news… my favorite beth anne blogger asked for an update on homeschooling when i had a minute, and i am happy to oblige… though i am not sure exactly what you are looking for darling! 

we have entered our final four week push for the year, and that has meant doubling up on a lot of subjects that, in the beginning of our undertaking, pretty light for bella.  we are doing five subjects in all: math, science, grammar and language arts, spelling, and handwriting.  history and geography sucked with the curriculum that we were using so we dropped it. instead of something “regulated” we are doing light unit studies in that subject on topics that interest her.  right now that happens to be the titanic and everything surrounding what happened to the ocean liner, so we are watching the 1997 film, reading books (both fiction and nonfiction) from the library, and doing what bella calls “research” online.  basically, if it attracts her attention on the subject, she is looking at it, and i think she is learning a lot more in that manner than in some others right now. 

the history and geography aside, the other subjects (with the exception of science which is computerized) are all done at the kitchen table in front of the blackboard.  it takes her about two and a half hours on average to do 7-10 pages of math, 8 pages of english, 2 pages of spelling, and 2 handwriting lessons.  the science is sectioned out clearly for her, and she does assignments by date.  she will be done with that this week. 

we were doing school by having her sit at the table, while i did other things around the house, but it was taking her soooo long to finish math that way that now we do all the work together.  there are sections that she does alone, but all the new concepts go on the board, and we work the problems verbally and in writing; with me at the blackboard and her working in her workbook.  it is a system that seems to better hold her attention, and i like being active in what she is learning.

as for the rest of the day after schoolwork is done, she sews one day a week with my mom, and we go to the library at least one afternoon, but other than that it is helping with a few chores around the house, and lots of playing and reading.

it will be good to be done the first of may, but i think i will miss how the teaching orders our days.  we get up, get to work, and nothing happens (most days!) until school is done.  spring break last week was a bear for me because there was so little order to our days.  i am looking for some cool things to do this summer so that we don’t get tired of one another, but i will be nannying for sweet butterfly again this year, so that will help.  that and the warm weather so we can swim in the pool…

assuming it ever gets here! 


~ by Erin on 11 April, 2007.

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  1. hey! thanks! that was cool to read about. you have given me a flavor of what homeschooling is like. that’ll do me for the time being 🙂

  2. yay! beth understands! good to hear from you!!

  3. Glad you homeschool. Takes lots of courage, but so much better for Bella!

    Tell your parents hi.

  4. will do, thanks for the vote of confidence!!!

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