i have been waiting for just the right time to post a family album, and now is as good a time as any.  plus i finally figured out how to use rockyou for slideshows.  if you haven’t tried their site, i highly recommend them!  there are a couple of non family members in the show, but friends who are good friends are family too, right?


[rockyou id=62722587&w=426&h=320]                         


~ by Erin on 3 April, 2007.

7 Responses to “family.album”

  1. that is cute.

  2. thanks… i tried!

  3. nice pics! 🙂 would you post on the topic of homeschooling, if you already haven’t? i’m interested to learn about what it’s like to homeschool one’s kids. what’s a typical day like for you guys? i think you’ve said you enjoy it . . . looks like you do.

  4. Woohooo! “homeschool butt”!! (Oh, and blanket forts, too.) ^_^

    Lots of fun. Love it!

  5. beth: we are on spring break right now, but then we will hit the last four week push until the end of our year. i promise i will post a “homeschool update” when we get back into it!

    petite: i loved the blanke fort! she slept there, on the floor of her room for like 3 days before i made her dismantle it. i don’t think it’s good for her back for too long! she is sooo creative!

  6. I don’t know…it might be good for her!

    In Taiwan, parents put bamboo mats on their childrens’ beds. They’re really hard. (I slept on one for most of 3 weeks…trust me.) They say it’s good for the development of young children’s backs. And they often sleep on them through their young adult years, too! So strange. I thought it was very uncomfortable, personally. My bones sometimes ached in the mornings! lol

  7. Great slideshow. I also liked the fort. Very cool.

    Have a blessed Easter celebrating our risen Lord!

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