in my last post, i mentioned some blue and gold glasses that my mom got me for my birthday, and my friend petite specifically asked for photos.  here you go petite!  they are a lot like some that i used in toledo when we visited last month… after using those, i had to have some for my own!  i will use these for mixed drinks, wine, juice, etc.  and i don’t plan to wait till a special occasion either. what is the use of having pretty things if you never use them?!!?

i have done a little bit of research into them, and they look to be made under the GayFad name for fire king or anchor hocking in the fifties and sixties.  the glass is very thin, and the filigree looks to be either hand painted or, more likely, transferred.  i bought a set of six, but the store also had a set of six highballs, and a pitcher in the same pattern.  i am going to keep doing research… but the provinance, while interesting, isn’t the most important thing to me though.  they are pretty, and i like them, and that is enough!



p.s. if you stop by the site and know anything about the pattern, or the maker, or anything, drop a note in my box… i am dying to know as much as i can about these!!!


~ by Erin on 30 March, 2007.

5 Responses to “blue.glasses”

  1. They are very pretty…love th shade of blue. And I agree, why not use them??

    But I don’t think I would risk a dishwasher adventure. 😉 I won’t put my pretty turkish tea glasses in! lol

  2. no, no dishwasher… they are too delicate!

  3. Very pretty!

  4. very pretty. i have a few pics of a friends’ turkish/moroccan tea glasses. will try to post those.

  5. thanks all! i love them… now to find a reason to use them!!!

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