i officially get older today. 

but, i got the beautiful drinking glasses that i have wanted at the antique store for a month out of the deal, so i am not complaining.  and, for those of you who know what the situation with my folks has been like recently, you will be glad to know that i went to the antique place with her, and we had a really fine time!  she is even making dinner for me later at her house.  wheeee!

bella needs help… school becons… more later.


~ by Erin on 28 March, 2007.

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  1. hey girl! hope you had a happy day yesterday! sounds like it was.

  2. it was great!! thanks for the good wishes!!!

  3. Hey!

    Left b-day wishes on Facebook…don’t know if you got them, but hope your day was happy!

    Can you post a pic of these glasses? I’d love to see ’em.

  4. Happy Birthday – love those glasses – they are gorgeous!

    My dh just had his birthday too – he got a grill and a baby carrier . . . such a manly daddy, huh?

  5. happy belated b’day. Sorry I was away and didn’t know.

  6. that’s fine… thanks for the belated wishes! better late than never!

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