bella’s friend keiren is spending the nite at our house.  they made a cake, built a fort in the bedroom, painted each other’s nails and later we are going to watch flushed away and eat pizza till we puke. 

i am playing with my yahoo avatar, loving my new nail polish, watching project runway and thinking about how i should vaccum my floors but am not going to.

amante is at the studio again.  he and the guys are working on his band‘s cd.  it is not going in a direction that i am happy with, and i am worried that we are throwing money away, but i am not a musician… at least not like he is.  so i trust him, but i stay unsure about the project.  i don’t like having him gone on the weekends, but having keiren here helps keep bella out of my hair, so at least i can do some playing of my own kind. 

which reminds me, i have a book waiting…


~ by Erin on 10 March, 2007.

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  1. hey dude. i think i’m up to date on your posts now! that was about two weeks where i was a lot out of the loop. i think i checked email twice!
    miss you. will be praying. i really liked your poem, btw – thanks for sharing that.
    post more! i want more sparrow poetry!

  2. i missed you!!! glad you’re back! as for the poetry… we’ll see, as my mother always used to say.

  3. thanks! miss you, and glad i’m back, too. concerning poetry – “ok, ok” (as stitch says). 🙂

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