before anyone freaks, this is not autobiographical.  there is just a lot of pain going on around me, and this is a way that i respond.  just pray for peace in those i love.  that’s how you can help.

a fortress built carefully
over time.
but slowly, the battles
ripped at our structure
until one word, one look, one move
in the other direction
is enough to bring the castle
we’ve built tumbling to
the ground.
don’t you remember?
love, so fragile,
needs to be cared for
and held close.
when the dust settles,
you find yourself alone;
your lover walking away
without a backward glance.
the ring on your finger, 
a symbol of forever,
sears an imprint on
to your skin
as you realise what you
have done.


~ by Erin on 1 March, 2007.

One Response to “crumbling.castles”

  1. Always praying for you and yours…often even w/out words.

    Love you.

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