what a weekend. 

amante was offered a job, and we declined.  prayer and conversation led us to the conclusion that there is nothing greener on the other side of the michigan state lines into ohio, but we don’t feel like we wasted our time, or were foolish.

the job was good… a strong christian at the head, reasonable hours, ok pay… but there was also the issue of commission being the primary form of payment, and the boss being willing to “work it out” so that we would be making the same amount as we are now.  there was also an issue of insurance being more expensive than it was here.  and the issue of a lot of overtime to make the $35,000 a reality.  homeschooling is harder, the housing market is not as good as it looked online, and apartments, though less expensive, are hard to find in good areas. 

so we are staying in michigan for now.  and we decided that God has used this time to remind us that He is very in control, and He knows what we need, and that He is keeping an “eye out” for us, if you will.

we still want to open a studio, and we are paying off a lot of debt with our tax return, so… maybe someday.  and we have learned this weekend that when God says “act” it doesn’t always mean that you will move.  sometimes it is a lesson in listening.  sometimes it is to strengthen the teamwork of a marriage.  sometimes it is just to get you off your own couch and realize that there is more out there than “1 vs. 100” on a friday nite. 

and that alone was enough to make the hectic week and trip to ohio worth it.  that and finally meeting all the friends amante keeps talking about… more on them soon. 


~ by Erin on 26 February, 2007.

5 Responses to “home.for.good”

  1. Boy have you all been busy!

    Called briefly yesterday. Now I know why Amante said you were headed to bed! Will try back later. Bed for me & bono now. 😉 Love ya.

  2. sounds like you two been busy. thanks for responding to my comment. It made my day.

  3. I’m proud of your wise decision.

  4. thanks all. yes, we were very busy. this time last week i was packing three suitcases. this weekend we are staying home, eating pizza and watching movies. and, we are glad to be here.

  5. thought I’d say hi casue I dropped by and didn’t feel in a place to comment on the intense post above. my best the same.

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