amante’s recording… a good thing for him, but it means that after a long week home helping bella do school work and not be bored i am home on saturday helping bella clean her room and not be bored.

oh, well.  at least he went in earlier so he should be home before midnite.  that will be nice.

we finally went out for valentine’s day last night.  cracker barrel and the mall.  big time fun!  we were gonna see a late movie, but we were exhausted so we decided to rent one, move the tv into the bedroom and crash instead.  the devil wears prada was good, but music and lyrics in the theater would have been more datelike.

we have fallen into a slump of tiredness lately, and it is frustrating to us both.  when we have five minutes without bella, we don’t know what to do with them becuase we are both too tired to do anything. we are looking into some changes we can make in our work schedules that would allow for less exhaustion, but right now that is a ways off… so we do the best we can in the mean time. 

not that i am complaining… we had a great night.


~ by Erin on 17 February, 2007.

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