when this debuted when i was in high school, i about died.  i love this, and silly me, i didn’t think to check youtube until today.  in my opinion, this is even better than lunchlady land. (sloppy joe.  slop, sloppy joe.)



~ by Erin on 11 February, 2007.

5 Responses to “my.favorite.adam.sandler”

  1. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I also am a personal fan of the Hannukah song…though I can’t really claim it. Not being Jewish and all. He truly is a musical genius. I mean truly. But still he is not Hey, That’s My Bike! which is possibly the GREATEST BAND EVER!!!!! (insert evil, slightly awkward laugh here)

  2. is this the red sweatshirt song?! i love that one, although there’s only one place i can get sound on my computer (besides if i use wifi, which probably won’t happen in my town here), and i’m not there right now, so i can’t tell! i enjoy the hannukah and christmas songs, too. and who doesn’t like lunch lady land?!

  3. red.hooded.sweeeeatshirt.

    dip dip dip.

  4. heehee 🙂 *chuckle* dip dip dip.

  5. just got to watch it with sound 🙂 happy 🙂

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