the black rose is not, contrary to the crowd that showed up, the best bar in grand rapids.  not to say that we didn’t have fun.  i just preferred the crowd at louie’s.  at the rose, it was mostly jcrew wearing, halter top loving thirty somethings looking for love.  i have never been able to stomach that crowd.  if you have to try that hard, something is not right.

white rabbit was awesome.  better than last time.  and it partly had to do with the venue. the sound is just better at the rose.  not as small i think.  christill, nic, all of nic and bradley’s family, bob the bassists family, benji, guisseppe, friends from places where the band works, amante and i all filled the area closest to the stage.  we had five reserved tables, and the back bar.  it was loud, the dance floor was full, and the drinks were awesome. 

oh. and i can’t forget david the headbanger.  yup.  long, greasy, flicking hair.  80’s all the way.  luckily i only had to see the photos of him without his shirt.  i think i would have lost my lunch if i had actually witnessed that. 

it was such a long week that i fell asleep on the way home. 

which leads me to where we stand on this adoption issue.  i called friend of the court to cancel the evaluation scheduled for the 30th, and thought that was the end of it.  i did not send in the info that foc sent me, i did not get back with bio dad to triple check… but i did call f.o.c. to make sure that the evaluation had been cancled. 

it hasn’t. 

now i get to wonder if i am getting screwed by him.  will this never end?  amante is taking the day off tomorrow, and we are going to go anyway.  i am worried that bio dad is going to be there hoping we weren’t gonna show up.  i am not at all trusting of him.  we need the income from amante’s check, which will be short now.  i want this over.  finished.  done. 

now this.  the last thing i need is to look bad in front of friend of the court. 

what next?


~ by Erin on 29 January, 2007.

2 Responses to “black.rose”

  1. hey wanted to say ello since I visited here again. Anyway, happy to hear you’re being strong in what sounds like a very trying time. God bless.

  2. good to see you ben. thanks for the vote of confidence!

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