so far this week, i have been called selfish and impolite by fellow bloggers.  both of whom consider themselves consevative christians. 

why is it that when ever someone has an opinion, and debates that opinion well, that it becomes a name throwing match?  i think we have just established my primary problem with the “religious right” folks.


~ by Erin on 21 January, 2007.

4 Responses to “name.calling”

  1. Et c’est comme ça la vie. L’humanité n’est pas parfait, et c’est à cause de notre ésprit, qui est plein de la péché, que notres pensées sont aussi défectueuses.

    Il faut surtout chercher la Bible; c’est seulement là où on peut voir si notres opinions sont vraiment ceux qui viennent de notre Dieu. Si oui, il ne faut pas faire attention aux autres – c’est Dieu seulement à qui nous devrons donner une réponse. C’est lui à qui nous sommes redevable.

  2. thanks. because i speak french.

  3. Chiming in from the nowhere-near the religious right, here… 😉

    I’ve been reading over Petit’s shoulder, recognizing some of my own personal journey in your writing, and have some thoughts to offer.

    First: something I’ve discovered about debating generalities. In my experience, it’s not constructive. You can’t truly debate the “Religious Right”. You have to pick a specific individual with a specific idea to debate, or there’s no accountabilty in the debate; nothing can be resolved.

    In other words, the Religious Right can’t respond to a challenge and say, “this is what I mean by X” — only indiviuals can answer the challenges of the debate, and they have all arrived at their positions by a different route. My point about “accountabilty”, then, is that when one person attempts to answer on behalf of the RR, you can easily dismiss them as an “exception” and stick to a misconception that could be nearly impossible to disprove. Because of this you cannot find satisfaction in your debate; it wastes your energy.

    To be more constructive in your search for truth and peace, may I suggest letting the Religious Right go for a bit, and focus on healing your relationship with God?

    To begin with, here are some readings and role models that have helped me deal with some of the same feelings and ideas that you appear to be struggling with.

    I highly recommend “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis. Read it, re-read it, pray over it; Lewis knows how to get to the heart of the matter without getting hung-up on stereotypes; he is able to reframe tired old debates, and to point us toward a very intellectually satisfying understanding of Christian life and a proper perspective on “self”, God, and our fellow travellers. He does it with such humor and insight… he’s a genius! And he’s helped me to understand that the answer to the shortcomings of the Right are not to be found by substituting the shortcomings of the Left… but in God.

    After reading and loving Mere Christianity, I would also read Screwtape Letters. So insightful and pragmatic!

    But when ready to return to the political realm, I would start with reading Tony Campolo’s recent book “Speaking My Mind” and spend some time at Jim Wallis’ and seek the fellowship of other Christians who embrace a progressive view, as well as some who don’t. We’re all imperfect — left, right, and center. And we’re meant to love each other despite all of that.

    Also, Bono (of U2) seems to have some pretty constructive reactions to the Religious Right lately… he is seeing how he can appeal to conservatives on social justice issues by understanding and respecting where they are coming from. He can be more politically effective that way.

    Anyway, I hope you get a chance to read Mere Christianity and, as I did, find therein the structure to put some of your questions in God’s perspective. Let me know what you think!

  4. Hey, it seems you’ve surrounded yourself with some very wise friends here.

    I just wanted you to know that I meant no offense by my brief response to your words. I was about to go out dancing when I got your comment and I just had to hit the road. I did take time to draft a response, but I was rushed and I wanted to let it sit awhile too. God bless. -Ben

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