for miss tikia lynn donaldson. 

i repeat: tikia donaldson?

right.  now i remember.  she doesn’t live here.  at least not anymore. 

we have lived in this apartment for 9 months.  about twice a month, we get mail for miss donaldson.  most of it is junk, but every now and then something semi important will come and we send it on its way back to the post office with a little note: “no longer at this address”.  you would think someone would get the picture.

a quiet day today… too quiet almost.  we finished school in just over an hour this morning, leaving time for martha stewart and computer games.  bambina is working on chapter summaries of harry potter and the half blood prince to practice her comprehension, and i am trying to decide where i stand on pur president’s newest statement on iraq.

when this whole “war” started, i was for it to an nauseating degree.  my sister had some friends who were in the military at the time and she felt strongly that it was a return to vietnam.  i remember vicious debates with her where i would calmly tell her that the verse in the bible speaking of wars and rumours of wars was simply coming true, and we needed to support the leadership in our country.  now, i am not too sure.  my father in law would like to tell me that the media misrepresents the war and our president.  my instincts would like to agree with him.  still, i watch the news footage and see the fighting and hear the names of the fallen, and i can’t help but wonder what good we are actually doing.  after the speech made last night, someone (i don’t remember who… sorry) made the comment that we need to let other countries fend for themselves and stay out of petty civil wars.  i agree.  but, where are we as a country supposed to stand when the men and women involved in these same civil wars actively admit to attacking our shores?  and even further, do we even have the proof that they have admitted to that? 

i am not a political person.  i hated government in high school.  but i don’t think i agree with the president that sending more troops into a country torn by a war that we can’t stop by force will do any good.  and the idea that the government is working on a plan that includes upping recruitment worries me.  how long until we go back to a manditory draft?  we are already wearing the troops we  have so thin that our husbands and sons are returning from tours as completely different men.  i realize that sending new troops may allow for some units return, but so far, the more men we send, the more men stay. 

we need a new solution. 


~ by Erin on 11 January, 2007.

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  1. I know what you mean. I do. It’s a conflict in myself. All I have to say is since I do NOT want our President’s job, I’ll be as supportive of him and his very difficult job as I can be. No, I don’t agree with him all the time, but he is our leader and I will respect him and the office. And I will pray for him, that God be in control of His Will.

    On another point: I have to wonder myself about what Bush knew about the war. Watched a PBS Frontline thing about the Iraq war the other day (although it first aired last June). Very interesting. I think you should check it out online, sparrow. Gave me a lot to think about, and clarified lots.

    (p.s.Can I call you captain? How ’bout Jack?) 😀 lol

  2. Y’know, I’m not sure I made a lot of sense there, after re-reading that. Hope so. (I’m not very political, either. I do my part for society as an educator…and that keeps me busy enough! lol)

  3. no, you can not call me captain. ever.

    can you email me the link? as for supporting him, knowing i have to respect him and supporting him are two VERY different things. this war issue sucks. there are no two ways about it. our boys need to come home. we haven’t done anything but escalate the matter and sending 20,000 more troops won’t change that.

  4. Awww. I’m bummed I can’t call you Captain. 😦

    Oh, I’ll agree w/ you on the 20,000 troops. Mari told me that his top military guys were for sending more like 50,000 in or none. Apparantly they believe that if we’re to make an increase in our presense, then we need to not be timid or half-hearted in it. If not, then none is better than some. (Sorry, don’t know where he read that info…he’s more into politics than I am.)

    Links: (you should be able to get a transcript if not actually be able to watch a video feed of the program online)

    About V.P. Cheney and other behind the scenes events at the White House leading up to the war:

    Other links on PBS programs related to this topic:

    I’d wish you happy surfing, but this is not a pleasant topic. So, instead, I’ll be praying for wise choices and actions with the information you learn so you may honor God. (I’m praying for the same thing for myself, of course!)

    Hope to hear more from you soon, Sparrow!

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