i have officially made the switch from Blogger.  i have written over there for about a year and a half but the more I work with their new version, the less i like it.  i also need a spot that my mother can’t trace.  trust me, it’s just simpler that way.  this is a place to fully express myself, and i can’t do that if i know that she is going to be reading these posts. 

so, aside from hiding from my mom, why am i here?  well, when i first started blogging, there was a fire in me to do everything with as much passion as i could muster.  i have gotten tired, and that passion has waned.  i am hoping that i can retrieve that passion here. as a part of that process, i am reading the ‘tao of pooh”… and however simplistic it is in it’s format, the principles of taoism therein make a lot of sense right now.  as a born again christian, i hold to the truth that God is my maker and savior, but i also feel that there are a lot of religions that incorporate the truths that God wanted us to live by a lot better than american christianity does these days.  i know that is going to rankle some of the readers coming over with me from blogger.  “either God and christianity is the one true religion or it isn’t” they will comment.  but i never said that i did not believe that.  i am searching to grow closer to my maker and stronger in my faith, and looking into taoism certainly doesn’t mean that i have excluded God from that search, but more on that another time… 

there is a lot of work to do on this site.  the header is not the way i want it, but it will do for the time being.  something about an internal error when i try and customize.  i will try again tomorrow.  please be patient with me. 

 oh, and welcome to sparrow song.  i’m glad you’ve stopped by. 


~ by Erin on 7 January, 2007.

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